Growing a Critter

We’re growing him on the outside now

Peek a Boo January 29, 2008

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No, this isn’t about a fun game I play with the Critter, but rather an unfortunate event from this past Friday. My office is housed in a larger organization’s office, and so there are often people coming and going that aren’t directly connected to my work. We do work with our host organization a good bit, and in fact, their key staff are our de facto bosses.

On Friday, one of the big bosses was in town for just a few hours to attend a meeting. To put it in technical terms, he’s my boss’s boss’s boss. He stopped in to the office for just a little while, and I hoped to have a few moments to talk to him. He needed to get set up to do some emails, so I figured that I’d get him a bit later.

Well, the time came for me to pump, so I closed my door, made sure that the window was fully covered by the cloth I throw over it and got myself set up.

It was only a few minutes later that I simultaneously heard the knock and saw the door start to open. The pump was already going, so I’m surprised that he didn’t immediately realize that perhaps I was indisposed.

In my horror as the door continued to open, all I could do was cower behind the pump and say, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!” He finally caught on and backed out before getting all the way in my office.

“Nice to see you, Natalie!” he called out as he closed the door and left for the airport.

“Sorry the timing didn’t work out!” I hollered through the door.