Growing a Critter

We’re growing him on the outside now

Eat Local April 27, 2009

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Would have worked for a Christmas card January 8, 2009

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We visited the Tennessee Aquarium for Batesmas (Daddy’s birthday is the day after Christmas) and the Critter had a great time. Here are the three of us in the shark cage. Rarrrrr!



A Letter to the Critter on Veterans’ Day and Elections November 11, 2008

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Dear Little One,

Today is Veterans’ Day, and I told you a little bit about it, and about your Great-Grandpa Hitchcock, who is the origin of one of your many names. I didn’t go into the full history of Armistice Day and the significance of the 11th day of the 11th month, but we’ll get there as you get older. Two of your Great-Grandfathers fought in WWII in the Pacific, and both were good men who served with honor. Your Granddaddy also served in the Navy for two years active duty and many years of service in the Reserves. A lot of young men and women are now serving or returning from their service, and we thank them for their sacrifice and service as well.

War and politics are things that you don’t know much about right now, and for that I’m glad. You’ll learn more and more and ask a lot of questions, and I pray that we’re able to muster the right words when you ask us why and when and how often wars happen.

You went with us to the polls a week ago today, and you “helped” me cast my vote. We waited in line outside the Elementary School, and once we got inside, you needed to let off a bit of steam, so this is what you did:

Critter, I have to admit that I didn’t get much work done on Election Day. As I walked from the metro station to my office, the city seemed too quiet and empty. Everyone was just waiting. There was nothing else to do but wait. Thank goodness I had a presentation to go to that afternoon! That evening, there were election parties all over the country, but your Dad and I stayed home, wanting to be together when the election was called.

Of course, we have our beliefs and others have different ones, but the remarkable thing about our country and many others is that we get to vote. We each have a voice and an opinion, and our elections are how we come together to decide who is going to lead our country, our state, our city and how we are to govern ourselves. You’ll hear our opinions and you’ll hear the beliefs and opinions of friends, family and others, and you’ll get to decide what your opinions are and you’ll get to vote for yourself some day.

That night, we watched the news channels with laptops on our laps, jumping from site to site, calling out new things that we’d just read. And we actually heard it from John Stewart first, that the American voters had elected Senator Barack Obama as our 44th President. It was so exciting and emotional, and we were so happy with the potential for hope and change and possibility (even during a very scary and uncertain time) that his election represented. We were quietly at home, but we later learned that people were dancing in the streets and celebrating after the election was called. (Sorry, just had to take a minute to watch that video again!)

This weekend, you paid your first visit to the Lincoln Memorial – shame that we haven’t taken you to more monuments yet, but we’ll get there – and you were really interested in all the people that gathered there to see Our Nation’s Capital and the monument to one of our most remarkable Presidents.

Here, we’re standing in front of a sign that congratulates President-Elect Obama on his election and wishes him well in the enormous challenges that he’ll have as President:


Here’s the sign itself:

Together, As One World, Yes We Can

Lots of people signed their names, or sent their own messages to Mr. Obama and to other visitors. You enjoyed the sign, but you really enjoyed running around and taking it all in:

Critter with Lincoln and clouds

We took you up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial and introduced you to Mr. Lincoln and his words from the Gettysburg Address and Second Inaugural Address. You thought that was cool and all, but you were getting sleepy:

Starting to get tired....

It was a lovely outing and a great way to finish off the week. You’re sleeping now, and I can hear your snore every now and then over the monitor. You’re running around, and have a few words (up, dog, ball, uh oh, and daddy) and getting more expressive every day. I’ll always worry about the state of the world, and my responsibility as a parent for bringing you into it, but this week gave me a good dose of hope for the future. Can’t wait to live it with you.



uh… bam? er… kick it up a notch? April 23, 2008

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Critter’s pa, here. The following note was sent to a friend of ours who knows about these things. We solicit guidance from all quarters, though, so…

we have been cast on TELEVISION (it’s the future of moving pictures, you know). emeril (he of the BAM, and of the notches kicked up, etc.) is hosting a new show on the the new discovery subnetwork, planet green. the premise is that emeril helps you solve a cooking problem having to do with weird challenges and sustainability (more at the [quasi-anonymous family is] going to the beach this summer and brings about a hundred dietary preferences, tastes, and restrictions (ranging from seafood-averse sisters to buddhist brothers-in-law to no-dairy Critter). emeril will SOLVE ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS!!!!

ok. so, they’re doing a location shoot at our house this weekend (no emeril), and we’ll film the emeril invents the perfect meal for us segment at a whole foods with a studio kitchen in a few weeks.

we have basic guidance on what to wear (no black or white, rich colors and simple patterns are good).

natalie has a friend who does this kind of tv often (he goes on martha stewart to talk about bugs in your backyard, etc.), and he says to tell funny stories, instead of listing tastes, making speeches, etc.

what wisdom can you give us?



I am both stoked and horrified by this opportunity to have fun on the teevees and to help (and be helped) with sustainable food practices while being part of a family whose home will be very much exposed to, well, a wider viewership than is typical.


In no particular order… November 16, 2007

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…my current favorite Critter behaviors.

  • Non-sequitur, but oh-so-knowing, grins in the middle of extended crying fits.
  • His recent mastery of gnawing on his knuckles. It’s as if he discovered a new and blissful continent.
  • The introduction of the consonants. What was so recently “enh” has become “denh.” “Uh” is “tuh.”
  • Weird twisting around and hand gestures at the end of his long winter naps.
  • Raised “eyebrows” when he eats.
  • His sense of style. This boy can rawk a onesie with fleece pants and blue socks.

11 weeks, 5 days, 22 hours February 6, 2007

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Howdy friends. We’re just shy of 12 weeks, and we’re about to let a whole lot more people in on the secret. I’ve got my 12-week checkup tomorrow, and Thursday will be 12 weeks officially. As of Thursday, the critter will be about 2 inches long, about the size of a lime (I love limes!). That’s an actual *thing*!

I’m feeling a lot better these days, with a much more robust stomach. Yay. Now if I could just kick this head cold, I’d be set. I’m still tired, but as the cold begins to subside, I’m feeling more energetic. I *really* need to start running again – it’s been about 10 days since my last run. Wow – that sounds like I’m in AA and I’m counting the days since my last fix. Well, if the shoe fits…

I had lunch today with E.P.A., a good friend that I haven’t seen in ages, and she’s about 7 months along with her second child now. She was wonderful, as always, and full of good and supportive advice for me. Including this: we don’t have to tell anyone that we don’t want to tell!

One thing that CritterPa and I are talking about right now is the possibility of a “baby moon” (stupid name, good idea). We also have to figure out how to attend three weddings, one reunion of the college girls, and a visit to see sister Alia and her Alaskan mooselet that is scheduled to arrive in early May. We’ll go visit them while they’re in Georgia – ain’t no way CritterPa is getting on one o’ them itty bitty planes to see them in the fishing village! With things uncertain with my job, we can’t possibly do everything. Heck, we may not be able to do anything but visit the mooselet! We shall see…

Ok, that’s it for now. Will write a report of tomorrow’s doctor’s visit soon.


kumquat January 27, 2007

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Thursday was 10 weeks, and hence, the critter is about the size of a kumquat, according to How often do kumquats come up in regular conversation? I actually bought some a couple of years ago, and wasn’t very happy with them. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to eat the whole thing, including the peel, or just the inside. Anyway…

My lovely friend Jennifer has written several posts on her blog that have been extremely supportive and informative, and I just wanted to say thank you. I can’t thank her on her blog yet, because I’m not quite ready to announce the pregnancy to the world. But we’re getting close. I’m having some friends over next Sunday for a non-Superbowl knitting party, and I’ll probably tell people that come. I’ll be just a few days shy of 12 weeks, so that seems pretty safe.

I had a couple of days this week that were just awful, morning-sickness-wise. Wednesday and Thursday, specifically, I just really wanted to spend all day in bed. Alas, it’s a really busy time at work, so there’s no possible downtime, though my boss is really supportive (thank goodness!). I’ve barely run at all this week, choosing sleep rather than freezing outside. I did do a really nice 4.5 miles this morning, and it was just lovely. And don’t worry – the running is with my doctor’s blessing!

Prompt for upcoming posts: how we told our families, and the cast of characters.