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What bacon can do for YOU October 8, 2008

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I am now observing my wonderful husband give our gorgeous, hilarious son his dinner. We’ve been working on some sign language and it’s been going well so far. He can sign “more” and “eat” and “milk” but hasn’t yet gotten the hang of “mama” or “bath” or “please” or “simultaneous communication.” We’ll get there.

He CAN feed himself with a spoon now, but it’s a little messy.


I’ve been working on “please” for the past couple of weeks, with scant success. The critter did it once or twice in response to an offer of cheese, but hasn’t been too interested in doing it again. Dave, being the bacon lover that he is, decided that the critter should have turkey bacon as his protein tonight for dinner. He was in charge, so as long as it was cut up into small enough pieces, I was fine with it.

Dave gave him an appetizer piece and then asked the critter to sign “please” to get another piece. Ladies and gentlemen, bacon WORKS.


Chattavegas July 14, 2008

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Ah, land of my youth, infliltrated by godless liberals and conservationists from far-flung areas of the globe. I’m here and have my official conference badge, canvas bag and ceramic coffee mug. And yes, the conference is at the same location where I made my debut in the Cotton Ball. A friend asked me to bring a picture, but I’m afraid I cannot, as my bangs were about as puffy as the shoulders on my dress.

The critter is in the Carpet Capital with his Dee Dee, and so far, everything is ok. We had some Griswoldian escapades setting up a place for the critter to sleep last night, but three tries and a pack-n-play later, and he’s good. Who knew that with three full-sized cribs in the attic, that none would be suitable (or fully supplied with parts and attachments)?


Catching up: Critter stats June 10, 2008

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Howdy folks!

It’s hot. It’s Africa hot – and I should know. So we’re hunkered down inside, with the curtains drawn and fans running. The thunder has started to roll, so hopefully things means that the coming storm will bring some cooler weather.

So it’s time to catch up on some recent developments:

  • The boy hit the 9 month mark and is heading for 10 months
  • He’s upwards of 19 pounds now
  • He has a neverending ear infection – we’re on antibiotic #3 now. Sigh.
  • He recently discovered his tongue and is sticking it out all the time. He also loves to go bla blah blu blue bla balah all the time, tongue a-waggin’
  • He’s pulling up on everything, and laughing when it doesn’t go so well. We hope he’ll hang on to that particular personality quirk for a while.
  • As of the past 48 hours, he’s cruising. On Sunday, it took him 30 minutes to move one foot to his left. This morning, he was halfway around the coffee table within a few minutes.
  • He laughs ALL the time.
  • We’re heading to the beach in a couple of weeks and we can’t wait to see everyone on my side of the family. The Alaskan contingent now officially lives East of the Mississippi and South of the Mason-Dixon line and we’ll get to see them – hooray!!!


    Wah May 30, 2008

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    This is how we’re feeling these days:


    No, Daddy didn’t make me or the Critter cry! But in addition to some crazy things happening in our lives, the hard drive on our home computer went pffsttt! the other night. A trip to the Apple Genius bar last night confirmed it. Gone. Zero. Zilcho. Their master computer (or whatever) didn’t even recognize it as another computer.

    So all the pictures and video of our little guy since his birth are GONE. Yes, we have those that we uploaded to Flickr (thank goodness!), but most of the video we’ve taken has disappeared into tiny little broken circuits in our hard drive. The worst part? I spent HOURS on Sunday backing up my work computer and cleaning up the home computer so that we could back it up, too. I just ran out of time before ACTUALLY DOING IT.

    We’ve been referred to several data recovery companies, and we’re getting quotes now. The lowest we’ve seen is $500 and the highest so far is $9000. Jumpin’ jehosephat! So right now I’m mentally balancing what it would cost to recover the data vs. buying a new camcorder (the video we’ve taken with our camera doesn’t save to a format that allows sound when sharing video) and an external hard drive so that we won’t be faced with this in the future.

    Suggestions? Consolation? Stiff drinks?


    Window shopping at the bookstore at Easter time March 20, 2008

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    I stopped by Union Station this morning before coming to the office to get a coffee, and happened to walk by the bookstore. Easter displays were up front, of course, and I glanced at a few books to see what I might get for the Critter’s Easter basket. There were a few about the story of Easter and God’s love for us, and I’ll probably get one of those for the Critter.

    …And then there was The Velveteen Rabbit. And Puff the Magic Dragon. Oh my. I’m a big ol’ sap these days and am quick to emote, especially when babies, dogs, cats, wildlife or any other thing that doesn’t have the power that grown-ups do are involved. But MAN. Those stories just really get me. The rabbit is REAL. Little Jackie Paper doesn’t come back and Puff is LONELY. I had to leave the store lest I start boo-hooing in front of hundreds of commuters.

    On a happier note, the Critter got his second tooth yesterday! We could see it coming up, but it hadn’t broken through until yesterday morning. CHOMP.

    Here he is, exploring the cherry tree we planted for him last fall. It’ll be in full bloom within a couple of days!



    More milestones January 16, 2008

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    Today, January 16th, 2008, the Critter rolled over from back to front. Whoo! He may have done it at daycare already (and if he has, I don’t really want to know it) but it was the first time he did it at home for us. We’ve been putting toys next to him so that he’s got to roll to his side to get them, but he actually rolled all the way over onto his tummy.

    Pretty soon he’ll figure out that he can combine his rolling from front-to-back and back-to-front and then he’s going to use that to get places. Yikes!

    Here’s a recent picture of our little guy wearing his bunting outfit that Aunt Melisa gave him for Christmas:

    i love this picture so much


    Dagnabbit December 5, 2007

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    Tour de Georgia to skip Dalton this year

    The fact that the Team Time Trial will be held on a NASCAR track is pretty cool, though it is certainly a stunt to get more locals to come out. I had promised the Critter that he’d get to see his first pro cycling event from the carpet capital, so I’m bummed about this news!

    Full coverage at Tour de Georgia site