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What bacon can do for YOU October 8, 2008

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I am now observing my wonderful husband give our gorgeous, hilarious son his dinner. We’ve been working on some sign language and it’s been going well so far. He can sign “more” and “eat” and “milk” but hasn’t yet gotten the hang of “mama” or “bath” or “please” or “simultaneous communication.” We’ll get there.

He CAN feed himself with a spoon now, but it’s a little messy.


I’ve been working on “please” for the past couple of weeks, with scant success. The critter did it once or twice in response to an offer of cheese, but hasn’t been too interested in doing it again. Dave, being the bacon lover that he is, decided that the critter should have turkey bacon as his protein tonight for dinner. He was in charge, so as long as it was cut up into small enough pieces, I was fine with it.

Dave gave him an appetizer piece and then asked the critter to sign “please” to get another piece. Ladies and gentlemen, bacon WORKS.


4 Responses to “What bacon can do for YOU”

  1. sarah b. Says:

    HA! That’s awesome! Cam’s just gotten please in the last week or two, but he won’t use it when he really wants something, he’s just focused on wanting it! πŸ™‚ That Critter, so cute!

  2. alianora Says:

    The Dark Lord will say “peas,” but wont sign it. Also, he thinks spoons are for playing in food, not for eating food.

    He’ll get it one day.

    However, he watched and rewatched and rewatched the video of Critter as a robe monster and kept asking for it again. He loves it!

  3. RobMonroe Says:

    Abby loves the Robe Monster video too!

    As for signing – I would have to say that “please” is the cutest of the signs that Abby knows. You know she wants something enough to be sweet about it. He’ll get the hang soon enough. (I am also a huge fan of “help” which we got a lot of the other night while playing with boxes.)

  4. Emoke Says:

    We never taught Opie the sign for “please.” There were so many more important things to talk about, like hats and beards and lions and bears and cars and ducks and nursing and airplanes and cheese and… Anyway, the other day I handed her some cheese and she said “thank you” without prompting, so there seems to be no permanent harm done. πŸ™‚

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