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oh eight to the third power! August 7, 2008

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Oh eight oh eight oh eight, people!!! I’ve been waiting for this day since I learned to count! I’m only slightly less excited than I was on 08/08/88! True confession: I still forget which is the month and which is the day when I write the date as above, since I never had to figure it out for my own birthday. Another true confession: there is a freakish convergence of birth months and birth dates in my family. Among my sisters, we are 08/08, 02/02 and 01/11. SERIOUSLY. My mom is only one digit off, at 05/04. Oh, for want of one day!!

And there’s this HUGE global, ceremonial (state-sponsored) celebration going on, halfway around the world. And it starts at 08:08:08 PM! Hee!

Ok, enough nurd-dom. August is, and always has been, my favorite month. But as I’ve gotten older, more and more things have added to the fun of the month. Dave and I are celebrating BirthAversary this weekend, with A REAL DATE. We’re doing part I of a babysitting swap with our friends & neighbors on Saturday and we’re going to a movie (Bottle Shock) and out to eat (Tabard Inn). SO EXCITED. We’ve only been out on our own – just the two of us – ONCE since the critter was born. WHOO HOO.

And of course we’re looking forward to the critter’s birthday in less than two weeks! It’s so strange to believe that it’s already been a year. He’s amazing and hilarious and growing & changing all the time. We finally had our ENT appointment yesterday, and the doctor doesn’t think he needs tubes at this point – hooray! They did some tests, and he has some negative pressure in his right ear, but his left ear is just fine. We’re going back in October for a check up (when cold season arrives) and we’ll see what happens then. Fingers crossed.

Finally, here’s a picture of our little guy (he inadvertently was playing elephant games):

Baby elephant

For more (including a video of our elephant baby), go to my Flickr page!


5 Responses to “oh eight to the third power!”

  1. Lara Says:


  2. RedHeadedGuy Says:

    Happy Birthday and Anniversary! I’m glad that you have a month of fun to look forward to every year. :o)

  3. Sarah Says:

    Happy Birthday! What a fun date!!! And I too love the state-sponsored celebrations on my birthday – Indianapolis used to have fireworks on Labor Day, and every few years it would be on my birthday!

  4. Hillary Says:

    Happy everything — birthdays and anniversaries and all milestones. I love the Internet! It’s so nice to get to follow Noah as he grows, even though we moved away. He looks so mature nowadays! Is he reading the newspaper yet?

  5. cici Says:

    Sorry I’m late… I am sure you had a great Birthday!!:D

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