Growing a Critter

We’re growing him on the outside now

Chattavegas July 14, 2008

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Ah, land of my youth, infliltrated by godless liberals and conservationists from far-flung areas of the globe. I’m here and have my official conference badge, canvas bag and ceramic coffee mug. And yes, the conference is at the same location where I made my debut in the Cotton Ball. A friend asked me to bring a picture, but I’m afraid I cannot, as my bangs were about as puffy as the shoulders on my dress.

The critter is in the Carpet Capital with his Dee Dee, and so far, everything is ok. We had some Griswoldian escapades setting up a place for the critter to sleep last night, but three tries and a pack-n-play later, and he’s good. Who knew that with three full-sized cribs in the attic, that none would be suitable (or fully supplied with parts and attachments)?


3 Responses to “Chattavegas”

  1. fritz Says:

    everytime i see the words cotton and ball i’m reminded of twin peaks and the best way to silence curtain runners.

  2. RedHeadedGuy Says:

    That’s the problem with attics! I have two in mine that would be hazardous to just look at, not even just to put a child into.

    Hope the trip goes well!

  3. RobMonroe Says:

    (I’m “redheadedguy” above. oops!

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