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Wah May 30, 2008

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This is how we’re feeling these days:


No, Daddy didn’t make me or the Critter cry! But in addition to some crazy things happening in our lives, the hard drive on our home computer went pffsttt! the other night. A trip to the Apple Genius bar last night confirmed it. Gone. Zero. Zilcho. Their master computer (or whatever) didn’t even recognize it as another computer.

So all the pictures and video of our little guy since his birth are GONE. Yes, we have those that we uploaded to Flickr (thank goodness!), but most of the video we’ve taken has disappeared into tiny little broken circuits in our hard drive. The worst part? I spent HOURS on Sunday backing up my work computer and cleaning up the home computer so that we could back it up, too. I just ran out of time before ACTUALLY DOING IT.

We’ve been referred to several data recovery companies, and we’re getting quotes now. The lowest we’ve seen is $500 and the highest so far is $9000. Jumpin’ jehosephat! So right now I’m mentally balancing what it would cost to recover the data vs. buying a new camcorder (the video we’ve taken with our camera doesn’t save to a format that allows sound when sharing video) and an external hard drive so that we won’t be faced with this in the future.

Suggestions? Consolation? Stiff drinks?


7 Responses to “Wah”

  1. ann Says:

    Stiff drink from me! that smarts. Our apple laptop crashed a couple of months ago and was able to be saved, and I’ve been trying to go through and back everything up. Such a pain. Good luck!

  2. RobMonroe Says:

    I’ll treat to a stiff drink.

    My vote would go to camcorder and external drive. The drives are really affordable these days (look at and the pictures from here on out will be more exciting than the ones that have passed.

    As for me, it appears that taking the handles off of the pot cabinet was not enough, so I need to consider baby-proofing today.

    Not THAT kind of Pot. Like pots and pans. :o)

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Oh, Natalie, I am so sorry. I am always worried about such things happening, too. I need to save a huge lot of photos to CD now, speaking of which.

  4. Fritz Says:

    Boo Apple! Bite me, Steve Jobs! I’m coming to get your iPod and I’m not slowin’ down thanks to this stinky hard drive. Get a new black mock-neck Steve-o, cuz I see you’ve sweated through the one you have on!

  5. Fritz Says:

    Forgot to add, in all fairness, that the HDD on the old Dell totally crashed and burned a couple of nights ago. Boo HDD’s of all ilks! Go solid state! Go flash! WOO HOO!!!!

  6. Fritz Says:

    But Steve-o, you can still bite me! And I’m still coming to get your stinky iPood.

  7. Elbee Says:

    There are some general suggestions about data recovery here:

    I have gotten quotes from OnTrack ( before but have not used them (although they ARE the ones that recovered data from the space shuttle Columbia distaster.)

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