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Backlog: Memphis May 4, 2008

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Howdy friends. I’m WAY delayed in writing many updates, so I’ll start with our trip to Memphis at the beginning of April. The Rhodes Biology department had invited me to be a part of their seminar series a while ago, and the dates just worked out that the trip would coincide with the 13th anniversary of our first date. So that was a happy accident (both the trip, and the circumstances of our first date, as well as many aspects of our relationship, as it is with most). The talk was called, “Eating in the Rat or eating rats? From Rhodes to the Bushmeat Crisis.” A little cheesy (ha!) but anyone that knows Rhodes might find it a little funny.

We arrived on Saturday, which gave us time to spend with family and friends. We got to visit with Big & Little Grams, Uncle Philip and George and Barry.


The Critter loved spending time outside with his Great Uncle Philip


…and being loved on by his Great Little Grams (Little Great Grams? we’ll work that out)


Of course we had to take him to Graceland.


It’s very important that he know where Elvis lived and came from.

Critter, meet Elvis. Elvis, meet Critter.

When we went to Huey’s this time, he kept his shirt on at the table (though his socks are another story). Good thing, too, because Jessica said she couldn’t have any redneck babies at her table!

Hezekiah and Critter

It was really nice to be back at Rhodes, and to catch up with the faculty members that had such a big influence on me. I had a good number of students at the seminar – though many of the intro-level students were bribed with extra credit to attend. They asked very good questions, too. Of course we were so caught up in what was going on that we didn’t take any pictures of the Critter at Rhodes, but I did manage to capture a picture of the Rat Statue.

Rhodes rat statue

Family is on our minds a great deal right now. Dave’s brother Barry had a bad accident last weekend. He was camping with some friends and went out for a solo hike. He slipped on some rocks and fell 60 feet, breaking both arms and scraping himself up pretty badly. It was a couple of hours before he was found and evacuated by helicopter to Vanderbilt. He’s going to be ok, but he’s got a lot of healing and physical therapy ahead of him. We’ll keep you posted.


3 Responses to “Backlog: Memphis”

  1. Hillary Says:

    I can’t believe how much Critter is starting to look like a little boy. Wasn’t he just born?

  2. allison Says:

    How scary for Barry! I hope he’s doing ok, now.

    Critter at Graceland was a MUST, yes.

  3. Claire and Evie Says:

    Hey guys… we’re so sorry to hear about Barry’s accident, and hope he’s on the mend. We’re thinking of him and you.

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