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uh… bam? er… kick it up a notch? April 23, 2008

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Critter’s pa, here. The following note was sent to a friend of ours who knows about these things. We solicit guidance from all quarters, though, so…

we have been cast on TELEVISION (it’s the future of moving pictures, you know). emeril (he of the BAM, and of the notches kicked up, etc.) is hosting a new show on the the new discovery subnetwork, planet green. the premise is that emeril helps you solve a cooking problem having to do with weird challenges and sustainability (more at the [quasi-anonymous family is] going to the beach this summer and brings about a hundred dietary preferences, tastes, and restrictions (ranging from seafood-averse sisters to buddhist brothers-in-law to no-dairy Critter). emeril will SOLVE ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS!!!!

ok. so, they’re doing a location shoot at our house this weekend (no emeril), and we’ll film the emeril invents the perfect meal for us segment at a whole foods with a studio kitchen in a few weeks.

we have basic guidance on what to wear (no black or white, rich colors and simple patterns are good).

natalie has a friend who does this kind of tv often (he goes on martha stewart to talk about bugs in your backyard, etc.), and he says to tell funny stories, instead of listing tastes, making speeches, etc.

what wisdom can you give us?



I am both stoked and horrified by this opportunity to have fun on the teevees and to help (and be helped) with sustainable food practices while being part of a family whose home will be very much exposed to, well, a wider viewership than is typical.


Perfect storm April 17, 2008

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This week is a perfect storm of potential (yet thus far averted) catastrophe. [Hold while I go knock on some wood.] Three things:

1. We’ve got a BIG meeting tomorrow and much of the past two weeks has been spent doing nothing but preparing for this.
2. Dave’s away at a conference for the latter part of the week.
3. The Pope is in town.

My blood pressure is high and my milk supply is low. Amazingly, all of my stress about traffic complications due to the Pope’s visit have not come to pass. I’ve spent a good bit of this week trying hard not to be mad at the Pope, because that wouldn’t be very nice. I’m not a Catholic, but respect the significance of the visit. Looks like there’s a bit of divine intervention there. Thanks, Pope! P.S. Love the cute red shoes you’re sporting.

The Critter’s day care is going to a local farm tomorrow to visit some animals and enjoy what should be a *gorgeous* day. I really wish I could be there! The next trip is probably going to be Chucky Cheese – not the same thing. I *am* taking him to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival next weekend, though! Whoo!

I still need to write up the Memphis trip – it was terrific! The Critter enjoyed his first trip to the Graceland gates!



Cherry Blossoms April 2, 2008

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Lots to catch up on, SOooooo little time, so we’ll just hope that you’re enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms as much as we are!


We’re heading out for Memphis on Saturday, and I’m giving a seminar at Rhodes on Monday for the Bio department. It’s going to be fun!