Growing a Critter

We’re growing him on the outside now

Window shopping at the bookstore at Easter time March 20, 2008

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I stopped by Union Station this morning before coming to the office to get a coffee, and happened to walk by the bookstore. Easter displays were up front, of course, and I glanced at a few books to see what I might get for the Critter’s Easter basket. There were a few about the story of Easter and God’s love for us, and I’ll probably get one of those for the Critter.

…And then there was The Velveteen Rabbit. And Puff the Magic Dragon. Oh my. I’m a big ol’ sap these days and am quick to emote, especially when babies, dogs, cats, wildlife or any other thing that doesn’t have the power that grown-ups do are involved. But MAN. Those stories just really get me. The rabbit is REAL. Little Jackie Paper doesn’t come back and Puff is LONELY. I had to leave the store lest I start boo-hooing in front of hundreds of commuters.

On a happier note, the Critter got his second tooth yesterday! We could see it coming up, but it hadn’t broken through until yesterday morning. CHOMP.

Here he is, exploring the cherry tree we planted for him last fall. It’ll be in full bloom within a couple of days!



Critter Data March 6, 2008

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Yesterday, our (still sick, apparently – everyone’s all, “oooh, yellow stuff coming out of the nose. Blech.”) boy saw his pediatrician for a “hey, you’re six months old! Let’s poke around a bit, maybe give you some shots, measure things, whatnot” visit. Two vaccinations per thigh, thanks, and an Rx for newer, badder antibiotics to rilly rilly kill that persistent ear infection.

17.1 lbs.
26.75 inches
43.5 cm around that giant skull


A Tooth! A tiny, tiny tooth in the front of the bottom row.