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You say it’s fine, but really its snot February 22, 2008

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A friend and neighbor was checking in with me on how we were all recovering from the icky sickie week we’ve had, and she asked the following question “How’s the mucus factor going at casa de Bailey Eubanks?”

Herewith, my reply:

The mucous around here is THREAT LEVEL SNOTTY. Not as high as it was last weekend (THREAT LEVEL OHMYGOD), nor as much as earlier this week (THREAT LEVEL GEEZEELPETE) but still significant. When you can blow bubbles with your snot, that’s an issue. I’m counting the days until the little guy can blow his nose!

Also, rectal thermometers? Not as scary as you might think. He barely notices. But [I initially wrote “butt” – hee!] the story of our inability to find a single functioning thermometer is epic as well as pricey. The winner was a $5 piece of digital crap that we picked up at the Grocery Store/Co-op. Of course.


5 Responses to “You say it’s fine, but really its snot”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Don’t hold your breath (heh) on the nose-blowing front. We’re at 22 months and counting, and the closest William comes to blowing his nose is wiping a Kleenex at his face. He doesn’t quite “get” the blowing out part, so the Kleenex-wiping, while cute, is most ineffectual. That is, unless is mucus is, er, actively sliding down his face. Which, yes, is pretty often. That’s the Glamorous Life with a Toddler!

  2. Lara Says:

    My four-year old niece STILL finds blowing her nose a bit challenging. Glad things are on the mend though! We missed you last night, but glad things are looking up!

  3. We got it bad in our house. Abby was home two days last week (okay, technically Friday was a snow day) and will be home tomorrow. I’m continually impressed with how much mucus she can keep in her sinuses waiting for a sneeze.

    We’re hoping and wishing for you that things continue to improve and the Snot Level will soon be to “normal.”

  4. So sorry to hear about your sick-house. The worst part of having a sick baby is that as hard as you try to comfort them, even the old stand-bys: rocking, nursing, wearing. And then they don’t sleep well, so you end up constantly repeating this process. I don’t know how a single parent ever survives.

    Someday, you’ll look back fondly and remind a grown man that you couldn’t eat dairy and wished for the day that he could blow his own nose.

  5. Chris Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m still at that “baby eating bulb syringe is cute” stage. I’m sure it’ll get old after a few months or so, but for now I’m reveling in the experience. I love it when he burps and then giggles, as though it’s the most amazing thing to ever happen to him

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