Growing a Critter

We’re growing him on the outside now

Acutal knitting content!!! February 15, 2008

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It’s been a really hectic week, and finally today is a bit calmer than it has been recently. The critter and I are both sick, coughing and sniffing. Well, he doesn’t sniff – he blows snot bubbles. MMMMMM! I took a bad tumble on the ice on Tuesday and scraped the heck out of my right knee. Again. Yesterday was non-stop, with three back-to-back-to-back meetings.

I’ve missed updating on new critter developments, like the fact that I finished his baby blanket. Woot! It’s the Mason Dixon Moderne Baby Blanket (Ravelry link). I used Debby Bliss Pure Cotton and size 8 needles. It’s a bigger gauge than what the pattern calls for, but I used my mad math skillz and rejiggered the pattern a bit. I ended up knitting about 3/4 of the rows called for in the pattern, and I think 4/5 of the stitches. I’ll have to recheck my notes to confirm that. Regardless, it’s a big rectangle, so as long as the colors look good, the size doesn’t matter as much!

Here’s the Critter enjoying his new blankie…

Critter blankie!

It started out like this…

blankie, take 2

And it just grew and grew! Because I started it only a few weeks before the critter was born (and actually, this was my second attempt, after I discovered that I wanted more color cohesion than my first attempt), it was slow going for a long while. I did take it into the delivery room with me, but don’t recall doing much of anything on it while I was in labor. Well, maybe in the early hours… Can’t really remember!

After the critter was born, there was just no time to work on it. If he wasn’t eating or screaming, we were both sleeping. And since he so often slept on me, I wasn’t about to disturb what precious sleep we could get with knitting motions. But since he started sleeping a bit better, I’ve been able to pick it up and finish it after he’s gone to bed. It’s so soft and squishy and I love it. Yay blankie!

Critter enjoying his new blankie


6 Responses to “Acutal knitting content!!!”

  1. Katie Says:

    So cute! The blanket is great.

  2. Sarah Says:

    What a cutie! I love the grr! shirt, and what’s on those pants?

  3. sleepknitting Says:

    Both baby and knitting are very cute!

  4. Melisa Says:

    I seem to recall that there was no knitting happening in the delivery room.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    That is an awesome gorgeous blanket. And the baby is even better than that!
    And just think, pretty soon, you’ll be taking pictures of him sitting up on that very same blanket….

  6. allison Says:

    The Critter’s blankey is almost as awesome as the Mooselet’s! 🙂

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