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If the baby gets dirty, the baby gets nekkid! January 6, 2008

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We were in Memphis for Christmas – land of Dave’s forbearers (and Graceland, down the street from his grandparents), our alma mater (where we met and started dating), the Blues, Sun Studio and lots of good food. We had a great time seeing family, relaxing, enjoying Huey’s & other favorites, a visit to Rhodes and introducing the Critter to family and friends.

Getting here, however, was crazy town nutty nut. It took me several days to recover from that week’s food poisoning episode. We had a mini-Christmas on Wednesday to open presents from my side of the family. Thursday night we started getting ready for the trip by wrapping presents and trying to get everything shipped off to my family. Of course we had serious trouble with the main present that we were giving to everyone: pictures of the Critter. We had a professional photo shoot the previous Sunday, but when we took the photo CD to get everything processed, the pictures kept coming out tinged blue. After three tries, we gave up and we’re going to try again when our photographer friend is back from covering the Iowa caucuses.

Friday morning was for packing, and it was crazy. I couldn’t THINK. There was so much to try to deal with, and I just couldn’t get my head around everything we needed. Long story short, we ended up at National Airport with our flight delayed and I realized that although we had diapers, wipes, blankets, burb cloths, etc., I had managed to leave the house WITHOUT ANY CHANGES OF CLOTHES FOR THE LITTLE GUY. That meant that if the baby got dirty, the baby would have to get nekkid. In the airport. My poor little redneck baby would be nekkid in public. Oh the shame!

I tromped around for a while, looking for a “My Momma went to DC and all I got was this onesie” type of shirt for him, to no avail. I tearfully admitted my blunder to my loving husband and he assured me that I was nuts. True. We couldn’t find anything in the Chicago airport, either, between our running to three different gates in hopes of getting on a plane to Memphis. Ah well. He didn’t get dirty, so he didn’t have to get nekkid. Score!

Our first food stop in Memphis was, of course, Huey’s. We got some great pictures of the Critter enjoying his first trip to this important spot in his parents’ lives. And then, of course, he barfed ALL OVER himself. He was Exorcist baby. He completely soiled his clothes, and had to be changed. Before I knew what was going on, Dave had the Critter nekkid (except for his diaper) and was changing his clothes right there at the table at Huey’s! Oh, my poor little redneck baby! Nekkid at Huey’s!

Somehow I managed to recover from the shame. Dave still doesn’t see what the fuss was all about! Here are a few pictures from the trip…

First trip to Huey’s!
First visit to Huey's

Meeting Dave’s grandmother, “Little Grams”

Dave, Uncle Philip, Little Grams, George, Big Grams and Barry

The Eubanks men

Critter and me with the Christmas tree


4 Responses to “If the baby gets dirty, the baby gets nekkid!”

  1. Melisa Says:

    Well as long as he had his huggies I am sure he would be just fine. You didn’t forget the Huggies did you? Your little redneck baby is a cute one.

  2. sarah b. Says:

    I feel your pain! It is so difficult to get out of the house with everything the kid needs, especially for trips! Today, at church, we had a wipes shortage, which the husband didn’t appreciate very much since he was the one changing the very dirty diaper.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Traveling with babies is a huge pain. You become a sherpa because you have to lug so much stuff along, and it’s nearly impossible to not forget something or other! You are soooo lucky that the Critter didn’t mess up his clothes! My first flight with the little prince, he got, er, biological material, on two outfits, so he was in his third outfit by the time we arrived at our destination! And I can feel your pain on not finding baby clothes in the airport gift shops…we own a size 4 T-shirt emblazoned with DALLAS, TEXAS on the front because it was the smallest thing I could find when we got stranded overnight in Dallas. Ack!

  4. Rob Says:

    Sarah – you should buy a box of wipes for the church! Our nursery has extra diapers and wipes for those moments.

    My niece (six months) blew threw THREE outfits on our way to a memorial service last year. She ended up in her big sisters (3.5 years) clothes for a while that day.

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