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Big developments November 29, 2007

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I did it. I took my baby to day care and I left him there. I left him there. I’ve had such a laid-back attitude about him being in day care and both of us working full time (mostly because when I have gone in to the office this past month, either Dave or some close friends have been with him). You always hear people say that they cried all day the first day they went back to work, and I’ve been fine so far. Today, I left him there for just two hours, and I’ve already cried. And that 2 hours is only half over!

It’s going to be fine, and the people at the day care are very warm and loving, and this is what’s best for all of us. And it’s not like either of us can (or wants to) give up our jobs to stay home full time. I’m really grateful that we’re doing a trial run of all of this, so that next week – when he is there full time – won’t be as traumatic as it could be.

BUT! And this is exciting! The critter ROLLED OVER today! I put him on his stomach (tummy time!) and just a couple of minutes later he rolled over! And I have witnesses! My friend Amy and her son Nathan saw him! Yay! He’s only done it once, but I’m sure we’ll see it more and more!


4 Responses to “Big developments”

  1. Rob Says:

    I’m proud of you! :o) Crying is okay.

    Rolling over starts with ONCE! With Abby she did it once, let it go for about two weeks, then used her new skill to get around, not just get cheers from us!

  2. Melisa Says:

    Good job on knowing that its best and recognizing that its painful. And tell the critter that I am not at all surprised that he is doing so well, because in my non-biased opinion, he is obviously very advanced.

  3. sarah b. Says:

    It gets better and easier! Not to say you don’t still have those days where you can’t bear to be away, but one day at home and you realize that you’re doing the right thing (if it is indeed the right thing for all of you as it is for us). It’s all so individual, but our munchkin loves his school and I love my job, so it’s working.

  4. alianora Says:

    my first day with the Dark Lord AT MY OWN HOUSE with a babysitter, i called home 5 times. Just to check.

    And Brandus probably talked me out of 3 more.

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