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Thankful November 25, 2007

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I’m beginning this entry from gate B-25 of the Atlanta airport. It’s 7:39 in the AM, and we arrived more than two hours early for our flight, just in case! We didn’t have to stop on the way down to the airport – a big relief. It took us 3 hours just to drive from the airport to the Carpet Capital on the way down!

I’ll keep with tradition and list some of the things I’m thankful for at Thanksgiving:

* My boys. Dave and the Critter are both pretty amazing. I love them both, in very different ways. I can stare at the Critter for hours, but Dave’s a more sophisticated conversationalist. Not that the Critter isn’t engaging, and he is working on his vocabulary! And they both have their own way of making me laugh.

* My family. I have two hilarious, supportive sisters and two loving parents that still love each other. The Eubanks family is wonderful, and I can’t wait to introduce Noah to his uncle, great-grandparents and great-uncle at Christmas. Support from the extended family has been wonderful and we love the emails of encouragement!

* Our friends. We’ve been incredibly blessed with wonderful friends who continue to check in on us, even when we haven’t (found time to) made the effort to call or write them. So many wonderful people helped us out when the critter was born, and we’re massive indebted to all of them.

* Our new friends at GKS (Greenbelt Krabblestrube, which means “crawling location”). We’ve really enjoyed our neighborhood babysitting cooperative, and have learned a ton from everyone on how to deal with different challenges Noah throws our way. It really is wonderful to have such terrific people in our neighborhood going through similar things together.

* Our neighborhood and house. We’re currently trying to convince the Alaska-dwelling part of my family to move here with the Mooselet. I think North Carolina might be as close as we get.

* Good healthcare and good insurance. Not everyone has this, and many have much greater need than we do. We are, of course, also thankful for our good health and the relatively easy challenges that we’ve had.

* Jobs we love and supportive coworkers. We’re challenged by what we do, and continue to find new ways to get our creativity and problem solving engaged.

* A sense of humor. We need it!

* The grace of God, who has given us all of this while we did nothing to deserve it, but who challenges us to give back and to reach out to people everywhere. For the past few years at Christmas, our “gift to the planet” has been to help support an orphanage in Malawi run by a colleague of mine. Most of the children there are AiDS orphans, and every little bit given goes an incredibly long way. I want to give even more this year, as a thank you for Noah and all of the joy that he brings to us. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about the orphanage – they could use the help.

Finally, here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving:

The Critter and his Great-Granddaddy

Aunt Melisa trying to steal the baby

Matt, frying a turkey last weekend
Into the boiling oil with you!

High school reunion brunch – mamas and our progeny
Our progeny

Videos coming soon!


5 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. Melisa Says:

    Not always stealing the baby. Just, sometimes stealing the baby. I am thankful that I didn’t have to be at the ATL airport early like you. . . and that you made it home safe.

  2. Rob Says:

    So glad to hear that your trip went well! My sister has a problem with trying to steal the baby as well…. :o)

    Thanks for the awesome pictures! I can’t wait for video!

  3. Alison Says:

    So great to see you and I’m glad you’re home safely. Hugs to you all!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I’d like the info on how to contribute to the orphanage, Natalya. I love the idea of helping out children who are not as fortunate as our children are. Good for you for doing this.

  5. allison Says:

    Hey, look! Im hilarious! Go me!

    And I LOVE that picture of Grandaddy with the Critter. What a great grin!

    ..and we are all praying we end up as close as NC.

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