Growing a Critter

We’re growing him on the outside now

Milestones, of sorts October 22, 2007

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The boy is now two months old, and still growing strong – well, WE’RE getting stronger, since we’re the ones lifting and holding him all the time. His 2-month checkup is Tuesday, and I full expect him to weigh in in the 99th percentile. At eight weeks, he was already FOURTEEN pounds. So I’m betting that he’s at least 15 pounds tomorrow.

The critter had his first visit to a pumpkin patch this weekend, with our friends the Rhodys. We have an annual “date” with them a few weeks before Halloween, picking pumpkins, enjoying the festival, and watching the young ones grow. Evie showed that she has a bit of a collector in her, as she would spot a choice pumpkin, pick it up, and add it to the growing collection in the wagon.

By the end of our visit to the patch, I swear she had about 15 in the wagon! I’m glad I wasn’t the one to tell her she could only choose one.

Dave and I were masters of the camera during this excursion, and took about a hundred pictures. Of course we had to get a family portrait amongst the pumpkins…


…and we had to get some pictures of the critter by himself. He still can’t fully hold his head up and certainly can’t sit up by himself, so we propped him up and started snapping away. And he began sliding… and sliding… and looking more and more grumpy, until this happened.

And it’s my favorite picture of the day! Hee.

More pictures soon – including pictures of him dressed as a girl and as a communist. And no, neither of those are his Halloween costumes.


7 Responses to “Milestones, of sorts”

  1. Melisa Says:

    Why can’t he be a communist for Halloween? Why do you hate Freedom?!

  2. Rob Says:

    Awesome pictures!! Whenever I think to get pictures of Abby with her pumpkins she’s asleep. When she’s awake we’re playing on the floor, not thinking of pumpkins.

    I really love the smirk on the last picture.

  3. Alison Says:

    Love, love, love the last picture!!! So super cute! Can’t wait to meet him in November.

  4. Heather Says:

    That expression is priceless! Parenthood has really agreed with you guys!

  5. Claire and Evie Says:

    Hi! We love the pictures. We had such a good time playing at the pumpkin patch! Let’s do it again soon.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Why not a female communist? Cover all the bases in one fell swoop!
    Seriously, I love that little guy. He is so round and delicious-looking. And think about the muscles that you and Dave are building up. And despite the lovely round cheeks on the Critter, I can see a lot of his daddy in him. Maybe it’s the skeptical expression?

  7. Mira Says:

    Oh my gosh the last picture of him is sooo cute!! It’s like he’s smiling for the picture to be taken but frowning at the same time thinking ‘are we done yet??’ hehe so adorable!

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