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I blame my iPod – a return to running October 12, 2007

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On Thursday, autumn finally arrived. I was looking forward to my solo time even more so than normal, given the weather. Since Dave is home on Thursdays, and takes a break from running that day, it’s a perfect day for me to go for a walk by myself – no stroller! I can go around the lake, which has a gravel path not well-suited for your basic stroller, and enjoy a little time to myself. I took my iPod with me, as I usually do, and set it to “shuffle.”

Roughly 17 minutes into the walk, one of my running songs came on: Alec Eiffel by the Pixies. I had to fight my reflex response to start running. But I only fought it for a few seconds – I gave in and picked up the pace. It was great! I ran for five minutes, walked for 10 and then ran another 6 minutes. I checked my running log (yes, nerd, I have a running log) and the last time I actually ran was back in late March/early April. SIX months ago! I felt a charge running through me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. For the rest of the day, I felt awake in a way that I remembered from pre-pregnancy. On Thursday, I didn’t run fast, and I felt slow and heavy, but man, was it good to be back out there.


4 Responses to “I blame my iPod – a return to running”

  1. Jessica Says:

    That’s awesome! Glad you’re feeling like getting back into the swing of things with running. I looked up the song on Itunes and understand why it inspired you to get your feet moving. Every one of my running mixes starts off with “Soul Man” by Sam & Dave – isn’t it funny how we all have our own little things that get our feet moving?

  2. Heather Says:

    The pixies make you do crazy things! Good for you getting back out there – little by little you will get back to where you were pre-Noah!

  3. Chuck Says:

    Hey, glad to hear you’re back running. I’ve really started getting into it myself (I’m training for a half marathon on Thanksgiving Day), and I’m really enjoying it.

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