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diet experimentations September 24, 2007

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In the last post, I mentioned that we had talked with the Critter’s doctor about the contents of his diapers, and I demurred from telling any more. Well, now it’s time, since we’ve got some follow up work to do, and some changes that we’re trying out.

The Critter has had some seriously fussy periods, and had had some interesting diapers, so we wanted to mention those to the doctor. She took a stool sample and found traces of blood there. We wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a fluke, so she sent us home with instructions to collect three more stool samples and to come back in on Friday. Unfortunately, two out of three of them tested positive for blood. The good news is that there’s not enough blood for the naked eye to see.

The bad news is that it’s a challenge to figure out what’s causing the bleeding and his discomfort. We’re starting with cow’s milk and cow’s milk products, and eliminating those from my diet. Those of you who have shared a meal with me know that I’m not a fan of anything milk-based (or white & creamy foods in general), so it sounds like it shouldn’t be hard, right? Well, there are tons of things that have casein or whey (milk components) in them, so I’m reading a LOT of labels right now. So, no only am I eliminating milk (blech), yogurt, cheese, ice cream and such, I also can’t eat anything made with milk. And what’s the BIG milk product that I forgot about? BUTTER. Yep, nothing made with butter. So that takes out a large category of baked goods that I really, really enjoy.

All of this I’m very happy to do, of course, and it’s the easiest time I’ve ever had giving up certain foods. I want the little guy happy, and the thought that something I’m doing is causing him pain, well, that causes me pain. So it’s no big deal at all to do this.

We’ve got a follow up visit scheduled for Friday. Wish us luck!


5 Responses to “diet experimentations”

  1. sarah b. Says:

    Good luck! It’s amazing the things we can do for our kids that we may not do otherwise. 🙂 Hope you guys are able to determine what’s up!

  2. alianora Says:

    Im sure this is tough for you, so let us know how its going! Hopefully, both of you will feel better and be sleeping better soon.

  3. Melisa Says:

    Butter. Yeah. At Trader Joe’s there is a “buttter” called Soy Garden. No dairy products and it is sooooo good. And it bakes well too.

  4. Heather Says:

    I really hope you can figure it out soon – it’s hard enough in the beginning as it is – new mommas need their baked goods and ice cream!

  5. Penny Says:

    This was my first look at Noah; he’s adorable! Though many years ago, I remember having to give up dairy products (yes, butter too), broccoli, and even chocolate while breastfeeding my son (now 20 and in college). There was a noticeable difference in his comfort and my nerves. I hope your change in diet is working and that the little guy has just a bout of colic and nothing more.

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