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Status update and work shower! August 12, 2007

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I’m 38+ weeks now, and I think I’m starting to finally get ready. I could still use more time, but then again, it IS getting harder to sleep at night and to move my bulk around. I bought a balance ball at the Target the other day, and it is WONDERFUL. It’s more comfortable than regular chairs and helps to support good posture. Yay.

I’m sure you’re all (all three of you) very bored with the balance ball, and just want to get to information about my cervix. Well, the doctor I saw on Thursday (new, young) said that I was maybe 1 centimeter dilated, but there’s no real effacement to speak of. So there you go. Could be tomorrow, could be three weeks. As I’m writing this, Critter Papa is out on an 18-mile run from one Metro station to another. I took him to the start and I’ll pick him up from the finish; he has a Metro card and some money for a cab, and he has his cell phone so I can get him if need be. I just don’t want to bring our child into the world the way I entered it – with Daddy barely making it home from the golf course in time for a frenetic drive to the hospital. “Thank goodness I only played 9 holes,” he loves to say. Sheesh!

Critter Papa and I have truly been showered with blessings lately. About ten days ago, my boss orchestrated a surprise shower at another office. I had NO idea that this was coming and had actually prepared for the meeting that I thought we were having! I even brought my lunch, since I hadn’t had the opportunity to eat ahead of time. Whoops! It was wonderful, and so nice of everyone to come and celebrate with us.

Here’s the primary culprit, me and my friend Shelly

Heather, me, Shelly

Some of the friends at the shower…

Heather planned the whole thing

And a wonderful cake!

baby cake! yum!

Of course the cake was decorated with African wildlife. Heather says that she uses the characters from her baby shower cake to decorate her daughter’s birthday cake every year – what a great idea!

Everyone was so generous, and I had a terrific time. The one gift that I couldn’t bring myself to peruse during the shower was a collection of well wishes and advice from friends and colleagues that I’ve worked with over the years. I know myself, and I can be a sentimental person, but I don’t always like to do it in front of other people. Once we got home, Critter Papa and I read through the book. Yeah, I made the right choice to wait until we got home! It was WONDERFUL and so thoughtful of so many people to send in happy, warm, funny thoughts for us. I do have to call out Souza for his encouragement of our parenting, and his assurance that no child of ours will be loitering in the Roosevelt Center!

The next update will be on the wonderful shower my friends threw for me last Sunday, and some knitting!


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