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pretty good day! August 8, 2007

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Today’s been really nice. It’s my birthday, and a lot of nice things have happened. Critter Papa woke me up this morning with a terrific gift: a ballwinder and swift, which will be delivered on Tuesday. I’m so excited! They are two things that I would probably never get for myself, but that I’ve really, REALLY wanted! And they’ll save him from having to hold large skeins of yarn while I manually wind them into balls. Win-win-win.

At the office, we had a conference call with our Executive Committee, and they approved purchase of a laptop for me. Hooray! My desktop is 3 years old and kept crashing on me, so this is good news for that problem AND it’ll make working from home a lot easier in the very near future.

I’ve gotten lots of calls, emails and cards, and it’s so nice that so many people have been so nice. Thanks!

We had a lovely dinner tonight at the Blue Duck Tavern in DC. Nibbly salads, striped sea bass with heirloom tomatoes, roast duck and fingerling potatoes (and thick slabs of bacon), and to finish – a flaming bourbon/chocolate cake. Very tasty!

For those wondering if I’ve given birth yet, nope. I’m doing alright, though feeling BIG and HOT, especially on the hottest day of the year thus far. My next doctor’s appointment is tomorrow morning, and I’ll post an update of how that went.

Also, I had a FANTASTIC time at the shower that Lisa, Lynne and Elaine hosted on Sunday, and a terrific weekend catching up with friends from near and far. Pictures to come as soon as I manage to shake them loose from the camera.


2 Responses to “pretty good day!”

  1. sarah b. Says:

    Yay! Happy birthday! Cracks me up, as the husband got me a ball winder and swift to save him from participating in that process, as well. 🙂

  2. Molly Says:

    Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a good one. I’m sure next year’s will be much different. 🙂 Good luck going into the last weeks of pregnancy! Can’t wait to see the little guy.

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