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I’ve never been so grateful for cat barf August 7, 2007

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This morning, as I was getting dressed for work, Critter Papa came dashing upstairs in hot pursuit of our cat, Madison. He shouted, “She’s eating something” as he ran by, and I followed them into the nursery, where Mads was hiding under the crib (of course). I could see a length of ribbon coming out of her mouth, and she was chewing on it, and it was disappearing. A rapid, mad few moments later, she had vaulted over Critter Papa and was headed downstairs. Of course, had I closed the nursery door, we might have had a chance at catching her.

As it was, she ended up under the couch, still chewing away, and we couldn’t get her. We finally got her cornered back upstairs in our bedroom, but by that time, she had already swallowed the ribbon. This is bad. A linear foreign body, such as string, tinsel or ribbon, can be very harmful or fatal if swallowed and if it moves into the intestines. We called the vet right away, and got an emergency appointment for this morning. Critter Papa was going to take her, while I went into the office.

Now, Madison is our cat that barfs a lot. There’s no great explanation for it, so we’re told, she just upchucks from time to time. All the way in to the office, and until the phone rang about an hour before her scheduled appointment, I prayed for cat barf. And finally, Critter Papa called to let me know that she had barfed up about 9 inches of ribbon. With that information, the vet told us that everything should be ok.

It’s my fault, is the thing. I left the ribbon where she could get to it, after I thought I was being sooooo great to remove the ribbon from presents we brought home after Sunday’s baby shower. But no, I didn’t put them in a safe place, and she got one. So, it turns out that I can’t sufficiently take care a of a fairly self-sufficient housepet. I’m supposed to be someone’s mother in the next couple of weeks? Good luck, kid. Hope you’re born under a lucky star!


5 Responses to “I’ve never been so grateful for cat barf”

  1. Rob Monroe Says:

    Kids are easier to control than cats! I’ll tell you a story about stickers later.

  2. Heather Says:

    Major abdominal surgery on your kitty would have been just what you needed right now! You are going to be an AMAZING mommy – no worries!

  3. Melisa Says:

    Ask me sometime to tell you the story of one of the dog park dogs that swallowed a razor. Glad that Madison is ok. That sounds terribly scary.

  4. Jessica Says:

    I absolutely understand! We’ve been incredibly grateful for dog barf before because apparently Ripley is part goat and things that anything she’s not supposed to eat is super-yummy. We even had to (ick) learn how to make her vomit (water, hydrogen peroxide and a medicine plunger). After many spending an obscene amount of money on surgery when she was about six months old (running sock – mine, of course), we really, really understand barf-gratitude. – Jessica

  5. Jennifer Says:

    We haven’t had this happen to us yet (knock on wood), but there are parents out there whose kids have swallowed coins or buttons. They end up praying for things to come out, er, the other end usually. Hope this never happens to any of us!

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