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sadly, a waste of time July 24, 2007

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Critter Pa and I went to a baby care class last night and it was a waste of time, unfortunately. Really old-fashioned and not very helpful. We played with creepy baby dolls and practiced diapering (with old-style cloth diapers and REALLY old rubber pantaloons in addition to the super-fancy Pampers they were touting) and giving them baths. I felt like I was a high school teenager that had gotten knocked up and this was my reality check. Part 2 is next week, but we’re not going back.

I had thought it was going to be more about safety and health, and instead it was about playing with dolls. And ours was REALLY creepy looking. Critter Pa thought maybe we got the scary one because we were late. “This sucks. You show up late, and you get Chuckie.”

Fortunately, the childbirth class was GREAT and I’m very happy with our choice to hire a Doula.

Also, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Sunday, and I’d love to talk about it if you’ve also finished!


10 Responses to “sadly, a waste of time”

  1. Melisa Says:

    I am soo sorry to hear that you got the scary doll. When you were describing this, I could picture the home ec teacher from Jr. High leading your class. . .

  2. natalie Says:

    Exactly! And 8th grade sex ed was educational in that we learned how to make a “wishful” bridal book with china patterns, groom’s tux and bridemaid’s dresses. Soooo helpful!

  3. sarah b. Says:

    Sorry it was a waste but you’ll have a good story from it! As a new mom, you will be amazed how much just comes naturally…we’ve gotten all the info we need from our pediatrician (we were also late in getting a pedi but it all worked out).

  4. Rob Monroe Says:

    You’re welcome to practice on our baby, she’s pretty relaxed. :o)

    I know the doll you speak of. Ours does not sound like it was as bad as yours, but it was pretty rough.

    Anny is working through HPDH. I read the last two pages….

  5. Heather Says:

    If you can fit it in – I thought that infant CPR and breastfeeding classes are the best classes you can do pre-baby!

  6. ansley Says:

    Natalie- I wish you the best at your decision for natural childbirth. I however was not the trooper and had to be given everything in the book to keep me quiet! I think it was more for the poor people who heard me rather than for the pain I was in personally. As soon as its over, the pain is gone. Its almost as if you forget it IMMEDIATELY after! Its an amazing thing that I wish all women could experience!

  7. Melisa Says:

    The 8th grade “wish book” in sex ed. I am sooo glad you mentioned it. My friends like to accuse me of embellishing Southern life when I refer to what I learned in sex ed.

  8. Alison Says:

    I have also finished Harry Potter! 🙂

  9. alianora Says:

    Hmm, in my 8th grade sex ed, we learned what condoms looked like out of the package.

    And we went to the same school!

    I do remember your wishful wedding book though. i remember looking at it and being very confused that it was schoolwork.

  10. alianora Says:

    oh. our babycare class had the creepy dolls too. and we had to hold them the entire time in positions that supported its neck. and we got to make bottles of formula!

    but we got a really good resource book, so it was ok.

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