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fixin’ it up for the critter July 4, 2007

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We’ve been very busy here at Casa de Critter! Our crazy spreadsheet/calendar tells us exactly what we need to be doing every weekend from here until Sir Critter shows up. But thankfully, we’re both taking it easy today! Anyway, after the excitement of last week and the need to hold off the Braxton Hicks, I’m not able to help as much as I would like to. So, I want to take this opportunity to show off all the amazing work that Critter Pa has been doing around the house.

Our two biggest projects are re-doing the laundry room and transforming our study into a nursery. The first thing was to move bookshelves and books from the study into our room…

new bedroom arrangement

new bedroom arrangement

Then, we cleared out the laundry room…

in transition...

And Dave took a crowbar to the laundry room shelves…

a man and his crowbar


THAT was a busy weekend. Then, this past weekend, while I cooled it on the couch and wrote thank-you notes, Dave painted. And painted. And painted.

First, the nursery:

nursery - new paint!

nursery wall

We used zero VOC paint that we bought at Amicus Green Building Center. The bottom is white, and the top part is called “white sail lake” – a light blue.

The bedding pattern that we’ve picked out is MiGi Splash, and it’s light blues, light greens and browns, with a few orange and yellow details. And the theme is fishies! So we’ve got some fun “extras” planned for the room – an orange crab chair cushion, a plush shark, a fish dish, and such. We knew that there would be a lot of monkeys and safari-themed fun stuff for the rest of the Critter’s stuff, so we wanted to have one space that was a little different. We found a great rug, too, but the cats were trying to take it over already, so we rolled it back up.

Dave painted the laundry room, too, and included an accent wall on the back – in the same blue as the nursery.

panted laundry room

The new front-loader washer and dryer (to be delivered on Friday) will go in the right-hand corner, facing the door. Since we’re going to do cloth diapers, it was really important to us to have high-efficiency appliances – and well worth the investment.

Here’s Dave, done and victorious!

dave - done!

This coming weekend, we’ll buy new wire shelves for the laundry room and install them. And oh yeah – the TOUR DE FRANCE starts on Saturday. Allez!


3 Responses to “fixin’ it up for the critter”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I cruised in looking for fishie theme ideas. Great blog! I love the color you’re painting the room and the idea of zero VOC paint is very appealing.
    I’m into whales, but there are lots of different kids of fish and undersea wall stickers I’m looking at. I’m not artistic so the underwater murals I found on this page will have to work for me. Thanks for sharing the renovation process and blessings to you and your baby.

  2. alianora Says:

    oh, i LOVE the colors! I kind of wish we had been able to do a proper nursery, and in other ways, Im so glad we couldnt. we’re drowning in baby stuff as it is.

    Maybe when we get out of Pants, we’ll set the Moose-man up with some killer bedroom.

    ..which he will then ignore to sleep with us.

  3. paula Says:

    Oooh- I love Amicus Green! I only wish we had a more permanent home so we could get some of their fun countertops. (no sense in getting nice stuff for a condo we’ll have to part with in a couple years!)

    Fishies sound great!

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