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We’re growing him on the outside now

Visiting the Carpet Capital July 1, 2007

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We recently visited the Carpet Capital for a long weekend and wow – was it busy! Most importantly, we got to meet the Mooselet and well, he’s perfect in every way. Adorable, charming and all baby. It was terrific to get to spend time with him, and to see just how great of a mom my sister is. I’ve got a lot to learn from her.


Allison and I got pedicures on Friday, which was wonderful. Especially since it’s getting much more difficult to reach my feet these days! Friday night we celebrated Mom’s birthday, which actually was back in May when she was in Alaska. It was the first opportunity we all had to celebrate together. As Daddy got the grill ready (his only tools are a 20-year-old charcoal Weber grill and a coat hanger, despite the grill sets that he’s received for Father’s Days past), Dave learned where I inherited my propensity to stick my hands into hot spaces. Watch out, Daddy!

On Saturday, we had a baby shower, which was so much fun. My friends from high school, Heather and Leslie, were both able to join us

Leslie, me and Heather

and my Aunt Susan and Grandaddy were both there.

Granddaddy & Griffin

Little Lucy came with her Grandmother Miss Betty, but I think Melisa may have stolen her.

Dori, Melisa has your baby

Mom really outdid herself by making individual cakes shaped like baby booties.

bootie cake!!!

And one of my favorite gifts was this, from Heather:

Chimpin' Ain't Easy

Sunday was Father’s Day, and I got to spend it with my own husband (and papa-to-be), my Daddy and Grandaddy. Pretty cool! We headed back Sunday afternoon and started getting ready for ALL of the BIG projects that we’ve got planned. More on that later… It’s been an interesting (and eventful) couple of days.


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