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We’re growing him on the outside now

monday morning June 11, 2007

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“Who’s picking us up from the airport on Thursday?”
“Probably Mom.”
“Your mama’s going to have trouble driving the car after she sees you. I’d better plan to drive.”

That’s what Critter Pa told me this morning, as we talked about going home to the Carpet Capital for a visit this coming weekend. It’s going to be a lot of fun – we’re all coming in to meet the Mooselet, celebrate Mom’s birthday (which was back in May, while she was in Anchorage), have a small baby shower for us, and celebrate Father’s Day. So there’s a lot that we’re planning.

Mom has seen pictures of me, and she’s heard me describe what’s going on with me and the Critter, but yeah, the family hasn’t *really* seen me all great with child yet. I think she’ll be emotional, but probably able to drive :).

We spent this weekend clearing out the study/nursery closet and filing cabinet to make space, getting specs for a new, high-efficiency washer & dryer, looking at shelving possibilities for both the nursery closet and the laundry room, and hanging pictures. Every. Single. Weekend. has a purpose and a set of goals now. There’s way too much to do to leave it to chance! The laundry room project is going to be a big one, since we have to rip down the current shelves in order to install a stackable washer & dryer set. I’m predicting 2-3 weekends. Good think the folks are coming up in July – we’ll have some additional labor available!

We’ve done a good bit of the planning for the nursery, and a good bit of registering, though there’s more to do. And we still have to move Critter Pa’s bookshelves out of the study before we can really start calling it a nursery. And then there’s child care, and all the financial stuff, and we need a will, and… OK, that’s enough for 7:30 AM on a Monday. More soon!


2 Responses to “monday morning”

  1. Melisa Says:

    Sure am glad you aren’t stressed!!! Can’t wait to see you with child this weekend!

  2. Hooray for progress!

    1 – make sure that you plan a weekend of leeway in your plans. I messed up one weekend and it made me mad at myself. Use your schedule as a guideline more than a calendar!

    2 – safe travels this weekend!

    YAY for 2007 Summer Babies!

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