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We’re growing him on the outside now

GLORY BE! June 28, 2007

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Hallelujah and Amen! The bathrooms on my side of the office building are now open again, after being closed for about two months. It’s 33 steps from my office to the renovated ones, but 100 steps each way to the ones on the other side of the building. And now – how wonderful – I can run down the hall any time I need to. And I need to more and more frequently now.

Back in college, my friend Vicky always made sure to know where the potties were. And now potty location is one of the most important things in my life. Huzzah!


Bushmeat on broadcast media June 26, 2007

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Bushmeat on Current TV

This is a story that will run on Current TV, an independent TV channel that was founded about two years ago. Right now, the story is online only and people on vote on whether it should run on TV. Check it out (and see a brief interview with my boss, who gets the last word in the story).

Caution for those without strong stomachs: icky images of dead animals are involved. But this is what I do.


Quoted! June 19, 2007

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Just had to share that I was quoted in National Geographic’s The Green Guide recently. Watch what you eat and what you buy when you travel! Here’s the article:
Travel Healthy, Travel Smart
by Dave Wortman


monday morning June 11, 2007

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“Who’s picking us up from the airport on Thursday?”
“Probably Mom.”
“Your mama’s going to have trouble driving the car after she sees you. I’d better plan to drive.”

That’s what Critter Pa told me this morning, as we talked about going home to the Carpet Capital for a visit this coming weekend. It’s going to be a lot of fun – we’re all coming in to meet the Mooselet, celebrate Mom’s birthday (which was back in May, while she was in Anchorage), have a small baby shower for us, and celebrate Father’s Day. So there’s a lot that we’re planning.

Mom has seen pictures of me, and she’s heard me describe what’s going on with me and the Critter, but yeah, the family hasn’t *really* seen me all great with child yet. I think she’ll be emotional, but probably able to drive :).

We spent this weekend clearing out the study/nursery closet and filing cabinet to make space, getting specs for a new, high-efficiency washer & dryer, looking at shelving possibilities for both the nursery closet and the laundry room, and hanging pictures. Every. Single. Weekend. has a purpose and a set of goals now. There’s way too much to do to leave it to chance! The laundry room project is going to be a big one, since we have to rip down the current shelves in order to install a stackable washer & dryer set. I’m predicting 2-3 weekends. Good think the folks are coming up in July – we’ll have some additional labor available!

We’ve done a good bit of the planning for the nursery, and a good bit of registering, though there’s more to do. And we still have to move Critter Pa’s bookshelves out of the study before we can really start calling it a nursery. And then there’s child care, and all the financial stuff, and we need a will, and… OK, that’s enough for 7:30 AM on a Monday. More soon!