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On the runway in Memphis May 29, 2007

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Dood. We just got upgraded to first class on our flight back to DC from Memphis! Woot! Not to sound like a cracker or anything, but this is pretty sweet. I’ve traveled first class a couple of times before – usually on a buddy pass or that one trip where I splurged with my frequent flyer miles (totally worth it for the distance covered on THAT one), but I don’t think I’ve ever been spontaneously upgraded before. So nice. Thank you Northwest. And I hope this’ll help ol’ Critter Papa to have a better flight than usual. We shall see.

We’re on our way home from a fantastic and full long weekend in Memphis. In addition to spending time with Critter Papa’s side of the family, which was wonderful, we got together with friends from Rhodes to celebrate two weddings and three babies – including one that was born while we were there! Sarah did a masterful job of orchestrating the weekend and making everyone feel special. It’s the first time in five years that we have all been together – though most of us have seen each other from time to time in the interim. This is the group that all lived together our Senior year in college, and have celebrated bachelorette parties and other festive occasions together since then. We all went to Grand Cayman together our Junior year Spring Break, and again after our first year out of college. And yes, there are many stories that I won’t recount here (or anywhere else without a number of adult beverages first).

We got to meet the new husbands of two of our friends, and both are wonderful and perfectly suited for our friends. Hooray! Many blessings of happiness on them.

Eduardo and Katherine
Katherine and Eduardo

Amy & Chris
Amy and Chris

Since this is the Growing a Critter blog, I’ll focus mostly on the critter-ish aspects of the trip. Everyone was so sweet and interested in the little one that I’m walking around with all the time, and it was really fun to get to share that with both family and friends. We got to meet some of our friends’ children for the first time, and I must say that our friends have some terrific kids. They’re interesting and funny and smart and wonderful. And one has these enormously beautiful eyes and eyelashes that go on for days. His sister is going to be so jealous of those one day!

Rhodes class of 2025
Rhodes class of 2025

Megan, Amy and I have all been pregnant together for the past six months or so, and now Megan has a new baby girl! We got to visit her in the hospital on Sunday, and meet her new daughter – just one day old! That was really special and I’m so thankful.

ALL of the girls - including a very new one!
All of the girls!

Amy is due about five weeks before me, and she’s also having a girl, so Critter Papa and I are the only ones with a boy (other than the aforementioned eyelash-blessed one). I can feel him rolling and moving around right now – he must have liked the OJ that the flight attendant brought me.

One of the big highlights of the weekend was a Motherhood Blessingway that Sarah hosted. She’s done several of these with her tribe in her town, and it was really neat to get to share that with old friends. Megan couldn’t be with us, but we were all thinking of her and her new baby. Amy and I were given flower crowns…
Big bellies!

we lit candles and shared our memories of each mama. It was a hoot to hear some of the old stories again, and to get all teary over the really sweet things that our friends shared.
Vicky shares first memories of the mamas

Both fathers-to-be were also there, and that was really special to have Critter Papa there with me for the occasion. We made mother necklaces with beads contributed from all of the friends, and both turned out beautifully. I was so touched with how much their memories and thoughts of me reflected the natural world. That’s a great reminder to me to keep doing what I do, and to make sure that we instill those values and respect for the planet in our child.
finished necklace!

We wove our lives and wishes together with blessings for each mama…

weaving our lives together

We shared scrapbook pages with the mamas, and there were some beautiful and funny things contributed. And then there were gifts!

Blocks from Amy
Blocks from Amy

Baby foot impression from Katherine
A baby foot impression kit from Katherine

Handmade frame from Vicky
A handmade frame from Vicky

"Almost Famous" onesie from Beth
An “Almost Famous” onesie from Beth

Baby sling from Sarah and Megan
A baby sling from Sarah and Megan

The full slide show is here.

We started and ended our trip with family, and I’m grateful for the time we had with them, even though it was short. Next time we see them, we’ll have a baby! I think Critter Grandpa (we’re working on the “real” name) will come to visit soon after the Critter is born, and we’ll bring the wee one back with us when we’re in Memphis for the holiday.


it’s been a while – all is well May 16, 2007

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I think it’s been about a month and a half since my last update – whoops! Things have been VERY busy around here, and I don’t see how they’re going to let up any time soon! So I’ll make this post photo-heavy to catch up in a short amount of time.

We had the 20 week ultrasound and found out that it’s a boy!

Critter scan 3

There’s lots to say about this development, but I’ll leave that for a later post. For now, I’ll say that I grew up with all girls, Critter Pa grew up with all boys, so one of us was going to have to adjust!

My nephew, the Mooselet, arrived two weeks early (but two weeks later than we thought he was going to), and he’s beautiful. He also loves the blankie I knit for him.

Mooselet on blankie

I went to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and met this handsome gentleman

sweet alpaca face 2

And I’m getting bigger!

25 weeks

Mother’s Day was great – we had a cookout with other expectant families in the neighborhood that I met through my prenatal yoga class. And Dave got me Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, which I love already!