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We’re growing him on the outside now

belly flutters and a bris April 1, 2007

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About 2 weeks ago, I started to feel the belly flutters. Jennifer described it really well when she said that it feel like a goldfish going “bloop bloop.” Dave has felt it, too, and it makes us both really happy.

Today, we celebrated the bris of our friends E & S’s new baby boy. Neither of us had ever been to a bris before, and I’m so glad we went. There was so much emphasis on the joy and tradition of family, and I ended up boo-hooing through most of it (quietly, though – I didn’t want to detract from the ceremony). Being there, and seeing our friends, and their children, and the grandparents, and aunts & uncles, and great-grandparent – it just made everything more real for us. More real, but at the same time, even more joyful. I spent most of the afternoon with this lovely happiness staying with me.

This coming Thursday will be 20 weeks, and Friday is the ultrasound. Hope the critter is ready for his/her closeup!

Here’s the latest belly picture, taken after Saturday morning’s 3-mile run. The Mose wanted to get into the action, too…

19 weeks with The Mose