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We’re growing him on the outside now

Kee-razee dreams March 26, 2007

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Apparently, pregnancy hormones do funky things to your dreams.

Twice now, I have had dreams about violent, maurading dinosaurs. Yes, velociraptors straight out of Jurassic Park. The second time, they were rampaging through a furniture showroom full of people and it was up to me to take ’em out. They were only the size of large dogs, but had big ol’ T-rex heads and sharp, pointy teeth. I don’t want to describe exactly what dream-me had to do to protect everyone else.

Last night, I dreamt the I was moving back into the dorms at Rhodes, with a former roommate. This morning, I was describing the dream to CritterPa, and then he told me about his dream.

“I dreamt you gave birth,” he said.

“And..?” I said.

“It was a cat.”

So it’s not just me!


Following in Mom’s footsteps March 23, 2007

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Dear Mom,

After dinner last night, I ate a whole grapefruit. Peeled it and ate it like an orange. I bought it a little while ago, thinking I would try it since you seemed to like them so much when you were pregnant with me.



P.S. Here is last week’s belly picture (17 weeks)
17 weeks


SPRING!!! March 11, 2007

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There are crocus in the yard, robins flying around and I think the temperature hit 60 yesterday. All I can say is THANK THE LORD! I’ve about had it with winter and snow and cold and gloomy days. I’m 16 weeks along now, and though it’s a bit cheesy, I’m happy about the rebirth of the world going on all around. It seems fitting, given the new bit of life that I’m walking around with all the time now.

I had my 16 week checkup this week, and everything still looks good. I go to a practice with 4 or 5 doctors, so they want you to see someone different every time, so you don’t get a completely new person when you deliver. That would be quite a shock, on top of everything else! We made my 20 week appointment, which includes the ultrasound, and it’s going to be on Good Friday. Easter Sunday itself is on April 8th, which will be the 12th anniversary of when Dave and I had our first kiss. On top of everything else, that’ll be right around when the cherry blossoms are at peak bloom. Should be quite a week!

Dave – bless his heart – has spent all weekend scrubbing mold & mildew out of the bathroom. The room isn’t well ventilated, and we have no exhaust fan, so moisture collects in there pretty badly. But with a combination of elbow grease, a good grout brush, some bleach (we tried other things first) and some oxyclean, he did an amazing job. That boy deserves a good backrub!

I’m having less of a goody day today than recent days. I woke up with a killer headache – one of those that usually signals an upchucky migrane day – and was afraid that I’d have a terrible day ahead of me. It’s been several weeks since I’ve been to church, and I really wanted to check out one that is an interesting combination of older white folks and Cameroonian immigrants. I managed to take a shower and blowdry my hair – I even got dressed! As we were about to head out the door, I suddenly knew that I wasn’t going to make it. I did manage to get out of my cashmere sweater and pearl before tossing my cookies, at least.

Since then, I’ve been in my jammies, taking it easy. I’ve managed to keep down some Diet Coke and a piece of white bread toast (yeah – white bread – I never eat that!). And watching the DIY network and Fried Green Tomatoes on tv. And thinking about additional projects around the house that we need to do. Some of those will be done by the co-op, and we’ll work on others. Good times.