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Favorite thoughts & wishes – so far February 17, 2007

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As I’ve mentioned before, it is SO MUCH fun to tell people our happy news. I haven’t yet been able to respond to all of the happy notes that we’ve gotten recently from our friends and family, but I promise that I’m working on it! So many people have said such kind things – many that have brought tears to my eyes. Thanks y’all. We hope we’ll do an ok job of this – it’s kind of important that we do. We’re both fortunate to have good examples set for us already and we’re looking forward to following them, as well as making this whole thing up as we go.

Below is a compilation of some of the funny comments and advice that we got as we’ve told people. Hope you enjoy these as much as we did…


Congratulations and to be sure to name the kid after [me]! 🙂

I think the stomach and hips became permanent features after the birth also. You will not have any problem losing the weight afterwards because you run.

Dave, you are going to be the greatest father. You seem to have the patience of Job.

These will be the last times you and Dave will be just the two of you. A third person will be with you forever. You will always have a child no matter how old you and Dave are.

You look at the bikini with your summer clothes and know that you will get used to the one-piece bathing suit. You will look and feel like a blimp and kill Dave if he even blinks at you. But all in all pregnancy is a unique experience that messes with your cerebral cortex so that you want to do it more than once!

As a nurse, the best advice I can give “Hold your nose and dive right in.” Make sure the small stuff, remains small stuff. Always kiss your child goodnight and say “I love you, because you’re God’s gift to me!”

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave’s boys can swim!!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be an excellent year for babies, sort of like a good vintage year for wine.

Congratulations!!! You’re the 4th person who has, in the past month or two, told me she is having a baby in August. I guess it was a cold, sexy winter. 🙂

Get a nursing bra soon. I went out and got a nursing bra today, and it kicks ass. Seriously, I should have gotten a bra like this long ago. Really, nursing bras are the bra version of crotchless panties, so they are appropriate for all seasons, during nursing and beyond.

You’re not going to have a critter, you’re going to have a MONKEY!

I took my first prenatal yoga class last night. A new studio opened up in my neighborhood and all classes the first week were free. I also stayed afterwards for the Yoga/Dance Fusion class and had a lot of fun. I’ll have to check the $$$ to see if I can swing it to go to both every week, but if I had to choose, I’d stick with the prenatal class. I’ve got a lot to learn, and anything that is supposed to ease labor and delivery is worth checking out!


One Response to “Favorite thoughts & wishes – so far”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Those are hilarious!

    I’m glad you’re taking prenatal yoga. I took a class last year, and I loved it. It felt great to stretch and move around, and it really helped my aching back, too. It’s interesting, however, to see what adjustments you have to make as your belly grows ever larger!

    (Also, because I can’t ever resist putting my two cents in… re the comment about a nursing bra: nah, you can wait. I didn’t get one ’til a few weeks before the baby was born, and I didn’t wear it until after he was born. Get some Old Navy maternity tank tops with the built-in shelf bras for now. You won’t have any clue what size nursing bra you really need until third trimester anyway.)

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